Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Savannah (actually, I think both girls) do not like for me to wear makeup. They say it makes me look weird, even "ugly". WOW! I always feel better about myself when I wear makeup, like I took a little bit of time to take care of myself--for someone who can't wear much more than sweat pants these days due to wardrobe limitations (and a big belly), it's a big deal for me to do SOMETHING for myself.

So today she practically BEGGED me not to wear makeup...I have to say, after a rough night, today was NOT one of the few days I felt good about NOT wearing makeup...I was going to do it for her benefit, she really did not want me to wear it...but when I looked in the mirror, I looked so tired I nearly scared myself. I was going out, I didn't want to scare others. It was bad enough I was in said sweat pants already! So I put on a LIGHT coat of makeup...just a bit of cover up (for the under eye bags), some bronzer (so I didn't look dead), a little mascara (to brighten my eyes) and lipstick (come on, wearing lipstick just feels better...my lips dry out without it). She was so disappointed when I came upstairs with makeup on. She looked at me accusingly and said, "Mommy, if God wanted you to wear makeup, you would have been born with it!"...to which I said, "Savannah, if God wanted you to wear clothes, you would have been born with them...you don't see us running around naked, do you?"
I thought it was a pretty witty response. I did feel guilty though. I told her I needed to "wean" myself off of makeup...and I promised her that I'd try wearing less an less. It's hard to tell your children that they're perfect just the way they are when you don't feel that way about yourself. I remember one day when Savannah was very small, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, why do you have cracks in your eyes?" Referring, of course, to the lovely bloodshot my eyes have taken on ever since she was born (shhhh...don't tell her that). When I look at my children, their eyes are SO clear, so lovely, so sparkly...their faces are bright, rosy and flawless. They are JUST perfect. I know when they look at me they don't see my imperfections, the bags, the wrinkles, the grey hairs...they see their mommy and they love me because I'm me. That's why I adore my children.

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