Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Babies are SOOOOO gross!

I've been working hard researching the best, most healthy way to feed my baby. I want to give him the best nutrients I can, the least chemicals and toxins possible and also make his diet tasty and appealing. I've been buying organic as much as I can and making him tasty concoctions using the limited foods he's able to eat at this stage. He still doesn't LOVE eating, but he's getting better. Chicken and sweet potatoes are some of his favorites, and he also likes rice. He loves smashed banana and enjoys chomping on a mango pit when we have one available.

Tonight I had one of those mango pits and some chicken and sweet potatoes for him to eat. He ate decently, but not all that heartily. Pretty much par for the course for Aaron...but when I got him down out of his high chair and had him critter around the kitchen while I got things cleaned up, I noticed that the floor around the garbage can was quite disgusting. I grabbed the sponge and wiped all of the compost-ish items into a pile so I could pick them up. Faster than a bolt of lightning, there was Aaron...shoving the nasty bits of egg shell, coffee grounds and goodness only knows what else into his mouth as if it was a gourmet feast made just for him. What is the deal????? Should I just feed him compost and throw the good stuff on the floor and hope he'll eat it that way? I do NOT understand baby logic.


Anonymous said...

I agree babies are soo gross! you should see my post about my sweet lil' Taytey buns <3

tanya said...

Amazing what they will try. Have you ever had any of yours at the beach? I remember prying sand out of Kyle's hand while he screamed indignantly that I wouldn't let him eat it. Addy still isn't very into food, she likes the yo baby yougurt, carrots and sweet potatoes ocassionally. She like mashed potatoes and chicken too, I just mash tender chicken between my fingers and feed it to her. Mostly she still just likes to nurse, which is fine. That's the most natural and organic anyways!

Jennie Bolen said...

Nathanael loves to eat soap. We have to always keep the soap out of reach or he's on it like a lightning bolt. Gross!

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Hahaha...I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

Tiff, I'll have to check that out!

Tanya, we used to have a playground with sand in our back yard...Abby would eat it by the handful...it was especially disgusting because I"d see the kitties use it as a litter box and then she'd be eating it...YUCK!!

Soap? Really? Why???