Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chatty Aaron

Aaron has been talking a lot lately. He clearly says "Dada", "Mama" and "Papa". He loves to play Pat-a-Cake and tries to say the words while he claps his hands and "throws them in the air", it's absolutely DARLING. He is super smiley and loves to communicate. His favorite word is "Dada", but that's no surprise because he's pretty attached to his's very sweet. The other day Jeremy came home and Aaron was super fussy. I didn't know what was wrong with him, but as SOON as Jeremy walked, Aaron threw himself into Jeremy's arms and was happy as can be. I guess he just needed his daddy! I know it's wonderful for Jeremy because although the other children are attached to him and love him, Aaron seems to have a special affinity for's so wonderful to see that father/son bond (and it's nice for me to have someone to relieve me of my duties at the end of the day). Jeremy is in Virginia right now and man am I missing him. Not only the company, but the burden he takes off of me. Life right now is more on the difficult side than it's been in a long time...what with an almost 9 month old and entering the third trimester of my pregnancy, I'm VERY tired. I'm still maintaining okay, but it definitely wears on me...especially without Jeremy here. The burden he lifts for me is indispensable!

I'm starting to get a bit worried about what life will be like 3 months from now. The thought really does scare me a bit...I know I need to trust in the Lord and in His perfect plan...but my tiredness and lack of time (due to the very mobile almost 9 month old) does not make it possible to be in the word as much as I'd like to be. And I know that that doesn't help my waning faith in God's wonderful (and CRAZY) plan! So if you're reading this and can spare some time...please lift me up to my Lord and hold me there for a while. I NEED His mercy and His grace and His strength (and His patience wouldn't hurt either)...I need the renewal of energy and zest that can only come from Him, especially when this little blessing makes her appearance and I'm doing double duty with babies. I'm very excited about what this is going to do for our family, but also very anxious. I know a year from now things will be fairly's the sleepless months before that that concern me. I know that one day I'll look back on all of this and smile and be able to see nothing BUT the blessings, but right now as I look forward, I am scared.

One last mention before I go to bed...Aaron seems to get particularly chatty in the car, it's WONDERFUL to listen to his sing-songy little voice...and last night we were driving home from Costco and he was singing a little baby song and he went something like this, " YEAH". It was SO funny and sounded SO cute! Of course he was rather impressed with himself at the response he got (gee, when does this guy NOT have a huge audience of admirers??) So, so adorable!

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