Friday, March 4, 2011

The Simple Joys of Life

One of the greatest thing about having children is their simplicity. The things that bring them joy are just so basic it melts my heart. Bubbles, splashing in rain puddles and a fun one we got to experience yesterday--carrots with the tops still on! :) What a simple thing, but it's not something you get to have often unless you garden yourself. When I got my shipment of produce yesterday, Savannah dug through it and found the carrots with long, green leaves on them. She was so excited. I asked her if she would like one and she giddily said, "YES". We washed up 3 of them for the big kids (Aaron munched on the left-overs later but ended up with a green leaf stuck to the back of his tongue--silly baby!), and they had so much fun munching on those carrots.

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