Friday, March 11, 2011

My Girls

I feel like I don't post enough about my girls. They're bigger and don't say and do all of those cute things that they used to do when they were little, but they're still absolutely darling.

I just have to say, I could NOT manage my life as it is without my precious daughters. They are such big helpers to me. They fold laundry, put dishes away, clean up after meals, clean the bathroom and most importantly, help me with Aaron. All I ever expect of them with Aaron is to entertain him for short times when I have to do something, but their help is INVALUABLE to me. I've been told that having babies gets easier after the 4th because of the help you have from the older children and I can attest to that...especially since my girls are quite a bit older than Aaron.

I need to make more of an effort to recognize the sweet and wonderful things my girls giving random kisses, picking bouquets of wild flowers (recently it was tree blossoms and lavender!) or writing on the white board, "I love my Mommy"...those are the blessings of having OLDER children, who may not say and do silly, sweet, little child things anymore, but who have not lost one ounce of sweetness. I love my big girls.

**Edited to add**
This morning I just did NOT feel like getting up. I like to do the time change on Saturday so we have the whole day to get used to the new time, so when my clock read 7:50am (and I knew it was only 6:50am) I was NOT feeling it. I knew I should get up, but I've just been SO tired lately. I fell back asleep, knowing that if I DIDN'T get my rear up, it would mess up the whole day since I've got to work on getting Aaron on this new schedule--the big kids are no big deal when the time changes. So the next thing I know, my watch says 8:15am and I hear Aaron playing happily downstairs...I let my eyes close and fall back into sleeptown 8:30am I decide I had better get myself out of bed...I go downstairs and there are all of my sweet children, Aaron included, playing happily, watching Arthur...what a blessing. As I said before...without my big girls I would not be able to do what I need to do. They are SUCH blessings.

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