Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brussels Sprouts

MANY people I know have told me, "Eeewww, Brussels Sprouts, I don't like Brussels Sprouts!" To which I reply, "Noooo, no,'ve got to try MY Brussels Sprouts before deciding you don't like them." I've made a believer out of many people, so I'm going to share my recipe/technique for delicious Brussels Sprouts.

Delicious Brussels Sprouts
any amount of Brussels sprouts
fresh garlic, diced (use as much as you desire)
1/2 stick butter
chicken stock
kosher salt

Wash Brussels sprouts and slice in half lengthwise. Melt butter in large skillet. Add Brussels sprouts and garlic. Cook on high, covered, until one side of Brussels sprouts are browned. Flip over. Add 1-2c. chicken stock--about enough to come a quarter to half way up the Brussels sprouts (you can always add more if necessary, you don't want mushy, wet Brussels sprouts). Cook covered for 5-7 minutes. Remove lid and test tenderness of sprouts. If they're still rock hard, cover and cook longer. You want them tender, but not mushy...not too firm, not too soft. Take off lid and let moisture evaporate and the stock will condense and make a FABULOUS glaze. You may need to add a bit of salt and definitely pepper. These are fantastic!


chewymama said...

I have a new-found love for brussel sprouts too! My kids wont eat them yet but Steve and I love the. I make mine with onions and without covering them, so they get super crispy - either in the pan or in the oven. On special occasions we put applewood smoked bacon in, yum!

Jeremy said...

Mmmm...bacon makes everything better! :)