Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've never gardened in my entire life. I want to garden. I cannot think of anything that could save our family money and provide nutritious food the way a garden could. I don't really live in a place where a garden is feasible...I mean, I could build some planter boxes...somewhere, I suppose. I'm not really sure where as our home is under a very, very large redwood tree and a very, very large magnolia tree. They're beautiful, but they don't allow for a whole lot of sunshine for growing fruits and veggies. Then comes the issue of actually STARTING the plants. Where do I do this? I'd love to get some wonderful non-GMO seeds and start plants from seeds. Not only would it be a great homeschool activity, but it'd be the best way to ensure that we get the least expensive produce and the healthiest at that. HOWEVER, I only have 2 window sills in my house that get decent sunshine...and they're about 6 inches by 4 many plants could I possibly grow?

So, my thought, mission, idea, if you will, of the day is this: HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO GARDEN? (Nevermind the fact that I cannot bend over AND breathe at the same time at this point). Hmmmm...I guess I need to research how to organize a community garden and contact housing to see if this would be something we could do. There is so much empty land around here that is just begging to be used for SOMETHING productive. It's really too bad we can't have chickens, too!

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