Friday, March 11, 2011

So here's the deal, Facebook Friends...

As I stated before, I'm taking a break from Facebook. Unlike many of my friends, I find myself getting sucked into cyber land as an escape from reality more than I'd like to admit. There are many things that I need to do and want to do that I don't get to because I end up getting online and wasting a lot of time...and the majority of that time is spent on Facebook.

Today I was talking with my dad and he thought that it was a bit, I don't know, perhaps undisciplined of me that I cannot seem to find a happy medium. He seems to think that perhaps there are people that derive great pleasure from reading my rants and random thoughts and that I may be taking away from the lives of others by my lack of discipline and consequent NEED to abstain from social networking.

Soooo...what I've decided is that, since I've been wanting to blog a lot more and Facebook LESS, I'm going to SHARE my blog entries during this sabbatical time. So, although I have to log in to Facebook in order to share my blog posts, I'll make that exception. That way you can all still have a little peek into my crazy life and I don't have to worry about wasting hours on Facebook...basically, I'm important enough to share with you, but you're not important enough for me to check on you. JUST KIDDING!!!! Please understand I'm THOROUGHLY interested in your lives, and I'm sure I'll break my "fast" and check on you ALL from time to time...especially as I have a couple of friends who are due to have babies--some any SECOND! I couldn't miss that! :)

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