Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Profoundly TIRED

I had just been thinking the other day about why the last few weeks of pregnancy are so difficult. Up until just hmmm, maybe 2 weeks ago or so, I had been feeling pretty good. My body wasn't too terribly sore, I was managing just fine, so I had kinda lost sight of how difficult those last 2 months or so of pregnancy can be. Well it has hit. I am exhausted. I'm dealing with restless legs syndrome and having a hard time falling asleep at night...and ya know, when you're this far along, you have to get up to use the potty fairly between potty breaks and child/husband wakings, I'm up an awful lot at night...and falling back to sleep can be quite an effort. I'm trying to cut back on afternoon coffee, but of course, that doesn't help my TIREDNESS, but it does seem to help me sleep better.

The aches and pains have set in. My back is sore, my pubic bone is sore...I'm big and heavy and tired...and having a 21lb baby stuck to me (going up and down stairs regularly) and a husband who works WAY too much is NOT helping anything. Thankfully, Aaron has had a few good nights again (he had some illness, I'm thinking it was Roseola) where he had 4 nights of being up for HOURS with a really high fever (103ish) and was really, really fussy, but he's back to his wonderful self again and has been sleeping like a dream--both night AND day. What a blessing.

Getting through the days is very, very tiring. Really, tiring just doesn't describe it at all...I think profoundly exhausted sounds more like it. There is so much I'd like to do (like have a CLEAN HOME!!), but I just don't have the energy for after taking care of everything that HAS to be done--dishes, school, etc. Speaking of which, I'm trying to avoid cooking dinner...but Jeremy will probably be home late again tonight, so I really need to do I must go. Please pray for energy...and a baby that sleeps like a dream!!

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