Friday, March 11, 2011

Just like babies.

I was thinking as I was putting Aaron down for his nap this morning. We are very much like God's babies. We depend on Him for food, for protection, for provision, for rest...for everything. There is not a thing we can do for ourselves, it all comes from Him. We go around, getting into things we shouldn't, making messes He has to clean up after and hurting ourselves...He continues to follow us, to protect us from ourselves (and other dangers) and wipes up after we've finished our own pursuits. Sometimes we get tired and throw ourselves onto the ground in an all out fit, and He comforts us, nurtures us and gives us the rest we need for our weary souls. Just like a good momma, only much, much better.

The reality of it is that even though we may have our own agenda (hopefully not QUITE as destructive as my 9 month old's), He is free to swoop down, snatch us up and put us on a completely different path. Just like when Aaron is on a mission of clearing out my cupboards and I close the door, grab him, strap him into his car seat and head out to go grocery shopping. He has nothing to say about it...he's just along for the ride. Yes, he can complain, he can cry or he can enjoy this new journey.

I was thinking about those people in Japan--facing the destruction of a MAJOR earthquake and tsunami...they were going about their own business when--WHAM--things changed, majorly. This can happen to any of us, whether it be a natural disaster, illness, sudden loss (or gain), anything. God is in control...He knows the future...either we can embrace His plan and seek to find joy in the trials and hardships OR we can fuss and complain...but it's not going to change HIS agenda. He has a mission...He has a purpose. So do we, but it's His that really matters.

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